Welcome to Kratom Universe

Hey you, far out there, are you receiving me?

I can feel you are almost brain dead.

Do you copy?

Let me help you!

But let me introduce myself first.

The name is Robin Kratomsoe, at least under my people in the crab nebula.

“How the fuck,” I hear you asking, “can somebody talk to me from a galaxy 6500 light years away?”

Well, frankly spoken, this question just shows your lack of experience with mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) and your lack of communication with the other inhabitants of the Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) universe. You may make good on that by ordering below or occasionally shining the shoes of Mr. SWIM, the top intergalactic Kratom expert, right now to be found - yes, correct - in the big bright Kratom Cloud, which by the way is the name we - its own inhabitants - have given to the crab nebula. What a crap, we thought, when we heard for the first time how you call our galaxy: obviously it is NOT a “nebula,” but a cloud of fucking mighty fine Kratom Incense. In the center we have a REALLY BIG Kratom Incense Stick rotating at the speed of 30 times per second and that gives our big bright Kratom Incense Cloud the energy to expand at the speed of 1500 m/s. Divine Power? Maybe, but surely mighty fine Kratom.

So it is the big, bright Kratom Cloud where it all happens anyway. From there once upon a time young Kratomsoe started with his little spacecraft for an adventurous trip into the unknown. Kratomsoe actually was quite an ordinary person in the standards of his world: about 6 foot tall, about 80kgs, all covered in golden furs, diamond eyes, always smiling, always happy - if you would see him, you’d call him a glitzy space monkey.

So off he took, got caught by some solar winds and finally spit out on Planet Earth and crash landed somewhere in the Arafura Sea.

Here's What We Carry